Work With Me

Work With Me

If you are thinking about signing up for the Thrive! Self-Study Programme and feel that you could benefit from some extra support and gentle encouragement as you go, you might be interested in booking one to one counselling sessions with me, Alison Winfield.

These sessions are conducted via Skype (unless you live in the Cork area of Ireland in which case, you may prefer to meet face to face.) There is no set minimum or maximum number of sessions and you can choose at what stage to schedule them.

Cost: €75 per one hour session.

What will I gain from one to one counselling?

  • Gentle support, encouragement and motivation week by week
  • Feedback as you work through the written exercises in the course and apply the growth tools to your life
  • A sounding board – for any questions you might have
  • A chance to work in depth at areas you are finding challenging
  • A chance to work with someone who knows the road you are on really well

Does online counselling work?

Studies show that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. There are many advantages: It’s easily accessible – wherever you are in the world, just turn on your computer, tablet or smartphone to access me online. It can save you precious time and energy and people often find it less intimidating to call from a familiar location. These can be significant factors in the healing process.

Do I need to have Skype on my own phone/computer/tablet?

Yes, if you are going to opt for online counselling sessions. If you don’t already have one, all you need to do is download and install the latest version of Skype and set up your account. Skype is free and can be downloaded onto laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones. Then, once you have signed up we’ll send you a confirmation email which includes our Skype user name to add to your contacts list.

I’m not sure whether I’ll need one to one counselling. Could I chat to you before I make a decision?

Yes of course! Simply book a free (and absolutely no obligation) 15 minute phone call with Alison and see how an online session might feel for you. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to go into any therapeutic work with you at that time but you and I will get a feel of how we might work together to bring about those changes you want.  If you want a free Discovery Call, just email me requesting one, together with an indication of what times you may be available (GMT) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


What do my clients say?

“It was amazing how an hour’s call could help me to see things totally differently. I was getting a lot out of the webinars but there were some things, like my eating disorder, that I really needed extra help with. Alison has a lovely personality – she’s very warm, very real and can be funny – we did a lot of laughing in our sessions. I felt that she could truly identify with what I was saying. I always felt very safe and able to say whatever I needed to without feeling judged.”

“I’ve been to counselling a good few times over the years and found it good to talk, but looking back, nothing seemed to have shifted. I just seemed to endlessly rehash my old stories and felt as angry and stuck as ever. I was always ways to feel better and Alison showed me how.. She has a great way of taking something that seems complicated and makes it seem really simple. I knew that she believed in me and that was amazing.

“I had thought that my abusive childhood would always haunt me but Alison provided a safe place for me to unravel the mess of emotions that had built up over the years. I wasn’t sure about counselling using Skype especially talking about trauma. But Alison was able to create a really safe space- it felt like she was there in the room with me.”

“I was able to quickly make links between problems in my life today, in my relationships and at work, with what I’d experienced growing up with an alcoholic dad. When I started working with Alison I was drinking too much and it was affecting my job and my family but I couldn’t seem to stay off the drink for long. Alison was able to break things down into chunks and helped me to set goals. I haven’t had a drink now for 6 months. Her way of helping you see the positive things  I’d done helped me to be less hard on myself. I thought if she believed in me, then I could believe in me too.”

“When I was growing up, I had some traumatic experiences and it led to a whole lifetime of anxiety and depression. I felt lonely and frightened and in the end I couldn’t even leave my house to go to counselling. I began to notice changes almost immediately upon beginning to work with Alison. Today I feel more grounded and solid in my body and I’ve cut my medication right down. I’m looking forward to continuing this work and see how far it can take me.”