As a trauma survivor, I’m sure you’re heartily sick of struggling through each day rather than truly living. Would you like to learn how to get beyond survive, to have the potential to have a life than is even better than your life pre-trauma? To build in resilience against future challenges? To learn how to thrive?

The Thrive! Self-Study Programme will show you how to:


  • Be aware of and have a sense of control over your trauma symptoms and triggers and know what to do if you are triggered
  • Know what your survival strategies have been (such as addictions or risky behaviours) and to look for healthier alternatives
  • Feel calmer, lower anxiety, panic and stress, lift mood, stop the over- thinking
  • Find effective ways to deal with anger and better able to cope with overwhelming emotions
  • No longer suffer from intrusive memories, frightening dreams and flashbacks, dissociation or numbing.
  • Sleep better, have better energy levels, achieve the best possible physical health
  • Have a sense of control of your life, a sense that you now have responsibility for your own life no matter what has happened to you in the past
  • Acknowledge and let go of shame and guilt so that you start to feel “ I may not be perfect but I am good enough
  • Start to build up strong healthy relationships with others having restored your capacity for trust and empathy
  • Feel able to play, to laugh, to have fun!
  • Start to build up stores of resilience in order to meet future challenges

And finally…what I call “enter the Thrive! Zone”

The Thrive! programme takes you through all these steps, one by one, and shows you how to make them happen. Maybe not all at once or overnight – but with slow steady practice and commitment, you will see changes (we do a lot of both monitoring AND celebrating progress) and this will encourage you to keep going.


ONLY €169!!!

How the Thrive! Self –Study Programme is delivered

12 Pre-recorded Webinars

The programme is divided into 12 modules. Each module is made up of a pre-recorded webinar, a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover, lasting around an hour.We start by showing you how to get a sense of control over your symptoms and go step by step right through to looking at ways of finding meaning and purpose in your life. You can download the videos if you wish to or just watch them online.


There are also 16 relaxation/visualisation audios which develop the themes of the webinars. You might find one or two particularly useful and replay them regularly – they can be downloaded and played on an MP3 player. When we are deeply relaxed, our over-aroused nervous system is able to calm down and we are much more open to new ideas and suggestions. Included is an audio of the Rewind technique which has been proven to be a powerful yet safe tool, widely used in trauma recovery. It has been tested and found to be effective with all types of trauma including that experienced by war veterans. For more information on the Rewind technique see this research paper (click here).

Printable Workbooks

There’s no need to take notes as you listen – all the content of the 12 webinars is written down in the 200 page Workbook so you can read over the really important information any time you want to.   You can print out the Workbook if you have access to a printer.

As you watch the webinars, you will be encouraged to stop from time to time, and note down your own thoughts and reactions in a Worksheet Exercise. There are a total of 35 exercises and they are an important part of the course as they really help you to assimilate the information.

There are also 31 Practical Growth Tools – simple yet powerful tools that relate to the week’s topics. You are encouraged to practice these as often as appropriate.

12 Weekly Emails

You will receive 12 weekly emails telling you what’s coming up and giving you a bit of encouragement!

Private Facebook Group

Feeling supported while you are working through the course is absolutely vital. Sometimes the road to recovery feels like a very lonely one and it’s hard for those who haven’t experienced trauma to understand what it’s like. There is an online THRIVE! Community support group on Facebook. This private page is ONLY for those, like yourself, who are currently working through the course or who have already completed it. You can be a member of this group for as long as you want to.

Extra Resources

In the Resources section of the private Members area there are also further reading materials and online videos.

Thrive! Newsletter

Once you have completed the 12 weeks of the course, you can choose, if you wish, to receive a free monthly email newsletter with news, resources and information about trauma recovery.

Technical Support

If you aren’t a techie, don’t worry! Just drop us an email and we’ll try to get you sorted as quickly as we can.

Optional One to One Counselling (via Skype)

Need some extra support? One to one counselling via Skype is available as and when you feel you need it – while you are working through the programme or any time afterwards. For more information, click here.

For more information on the Thrive! self study programme, click here


ONLY €169!!!


“I love the way the Thrive course materials look and I always felt excited and motivated after listening to Alison’s webinars. I would often listen and then re-listen a few weeks later. I keep my workbook of exercises by my bed so that even now I can keep track of how I’m doing. The information is practical and helpful, you only included what we really need to know. All in all it is a great value course and I would highly recommend it.”

“I’d tried almost everything to recover from PTSD but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I threw myself into the programme it from the word go. It made me feel in control, confident that I was able to heal myself after so many years of feeling miserable. I think the word is “empowering”! Thank you for so many skills and tools and ideas – they really work.”

“As I worked my way through, there were lots of “aha” moments. What I thought was just “me”, things I couldn’t change about myself, were actually the effects of trauma going right back to when I was a child. I liked the build-up of the course, the way it was split into 12 weeks. First you learn how to manage your symptoms and notice when you’re triggered. And how to manage your mood and calm down if you get anxious. But then you move onto how to be mentally tougher so that day to day stuff doesn’t get you down as much. My family and my partner have seen a big difference in me and I’m really starting to enjoy life again.”

Want to find out more? For more information on the Thrive! self study programme, click here