Why I created the Thrive! Programmes

Why I created the Thrive! Programmes

I’m Alison Winfield and I can give you all the tools that you need to recover from trauma and PTSD – simple, safe, yet powerful.

I’m an experienced psychologist and counsellor specialising in trauma and PTSD. I’m passionate about the concept of “post-traumatic growth” or what I call “thriving” after trauma and how to achieve it.

My clients were saying to me something along these lines: “I’m coping with life reasonably well, BUT I still feel like my symptoms control me. I just need to understand WHY I feel like I do and what I can do to start to feel better FAST. I want my life back AND I want it to be bigger and better than it ever was.”

What they said they needed was to have a “mentor” available while they followed their individual path to recovery. So I put together a whole package of materials that they could simply take away and work with at their own pace. They would come back and check in with me from time to time, whenever they felt they needed to. Soon other therapists were asking me about the materials that I used, so I decided to put the whole lot together into an affordable online course available to everyone:

The Thrive! Self Study Programme

It’s a unique twelve week package which contains over 20 HOURS OF VIDEOS AND AUDIOS, a printable WORKBOOK packed with information and stuff to motivate you when the going gets tough.

(Twelve weeks is just a rough guide – it can be useful to have a particular timescale in mind so we can plan our lives around it. But it’s totally up to you how long you spend on it.)

It’s based on the latest scientific research as to what works and what doesn’t in trauma recovery but is GUARANTEED not only to be user-friendly and jargon-free but to only include nuggets of REALLY USEFUL INFORMATION. (And some gentle humour!)

PLUS there are lots of WRITTEN EXERCISES to really get you thinking about what’s going on in your head, your body, your relationships, your life.

AND a whole toolbox of simple but POWERFUL TOOLS that you can practice and keep ready for when you need them – such as how to manage a flashback or a panic attack.

Support, encouragement, motivation – as much or as little as you need

Feeling supported while you are on the road to recovery is absolutely vital. It can be hard for those who haven’t experienced trauma to understand what it’s like so we have our own online THRIVE! Community Support Group on Facebook. It’s a private page and is ONLY for people who are currently working through the course or who have already completed it.

If you would like more in the way of support, one-to-one counselling sessions (via Skype) is an alternative – YOU choose how much and when you need that support – for more information on one-to-one sessions with me, click here.

What will I learn?

  • To be aware of and have a sense of control over your own trauma symptoms and of your triggers
  • To know what your survival strategies have been (such as addictions or risky behaviours) and perhaps to look for healthier alternatives
  • To feel calmer, lower anxiety, panic and stress, lift mood, stop the over-thinking
  • To no longer suffer from nightmares and flashbacks, or “zoning out”
  • To sleep better, have better energy levels, achieve the best possible physical health
  • To let go of shame and guilt so that you start to feel “ I may not be perfect but I am good enough”
  • To start to build up strong healthy relationships with others having restored your capacity for trust and empathy
  • To feel able to play, to laugh, to have fun!
  • To start to build up stores of resilience in order to meet future challenges

And finally…what I call “enter the Thrive! Zone”

The Thrive! 12 week Online Self Study Programme

 Designed for anyone who wants to take control of their recovery, working with their own therapist or happy to work away on their own. A comprehensive multi-media package combining over 20 hours of video and audio with a downloadable workbook. Packed full of up-to-date information, exercises and practical tools – all tried and tested, all grounded in science, using clear simple language.

Click here for more information on the Thrive! Programme.

Coming January 2018 – Thrive! Online CPD Self Study Training for Professionals

Based on the original Thrive! programme, CPD trauma recovery training designed specifically for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and complementary therapists plus those working in the fields of health, education, social work and emergency services. As well as all the materials that you can adapt and print out for use with your own clients, there is also a wealth of essential background information including how to mind yourself and prevent burnout.

Click here for more information on Thrive! for Professionals.

Professional Bio

Alison Winfield is an expert in the field of recovery from trauma and PTSD. In addition to a Masters in Ergonomics and a Masters in Psychotherapy, she has undertaken specialist training in the area of trauma from many experts in the field. She works in private practice in Cork city, Ireland, where she has helped many individuals over the years to recover and get their lives back on track. She has also worked very successfully with groups of young unemployed people and those suffering from chronic illness, showing them how to develop the skills of resilience or mental toughness. Prior to becoming a counsellor, she worked as an advisor to small businesses and, for many years, as a teacher and programme developer in adult education.